Do you have a dream?  Have the courage and the patience to start small.  Keep it up, day after day, and it will surely come to be as big as you want it to be.

– Ralph Marston

When anger rises, think of the consequences.

 – Confucius (551-479 BC)

Happiness comes more from loving than being loved; and often when our affection seems wounded it is only our vanity bleeding.  To love, and to be hurt often, and to love again –this is the brave and happy life.

 – J. E. Buckrose

One thought on “Pensées du jour 16/01/2006

  1. et bono a dit : if you hold on to something so tight,you’ve already lost it
    et Jésus a dit : ceci signifie la vie éternelle : qu’ils apprennent à te connaitre , toi le seul vrai Dieu , et celui que tu as envoyé , Jésus Christ

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